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Planning at Disney-Remember to have fun!

It’s a vacation so it is meant to be fun!!  That planning at Disney you do (Or I do for you) before you get to Disney creates a better time for you.  You ask, how is this possible.  The answer is you are more relaxed and you are more prepared.

This does not mean a schedule but a plan.  I have people who ask me what the difference between a schedule and a plan is.  A schedule generally gives you a minute by minute path to follow for the day.  The problem, what happens when you fall behind schedule or maybe get a head of the schedule?? The answer , you stress.  Remember we don’t want stress.  A plan gives you an order to tour the parks and builds in extras for when you realize you have some open time.  The plan also takes into account if you get a bit later start or if crowds are lower.  The plan offers alternative things to do or see.  The plan is less stress.

When on a trip with our adult niece recently, at the midday point she said to me “you really don’t race around all day”.  I thought this was interesting and very true.  TO me it is not fun to race around to get to everything and force to make it happen.  By setting up a plan you can relax, enjoy and take in everything Disney has to offer.  As I said, it is your vacation relax and enjoy!!  Believe me, you will still see and do SO much!!

As you are moving through the park check out the details, maybe stop to meet a character, people watch or the favorite find hidden Mickey’s.  Disney even has an addition to the My Disney Experience App called Play Disney.  You can play extras while in the park or if you want you can play outside of the park from anywhere.  You can accrue points and badges to your account.

Another way to enjoy is to sit down and have a nice lunch or dinner.  It is in AC, you are seated and can now relax.  I am sure you can find an amazing restaurant to try or maybe a character dining to add some fun to the dining.  I find this to be very relaxing and enjoyable.  Besides, isn’t it nice to have someone take care of you??

Remember it is YOUR vacation and it’s YOUR time to have fun.  Relax and enjoy you already put your plan in place right?  Enjoy!!

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