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Planning at Disney- 28 times and counting

How many times have you been to Disney?? I have been to Disneyworld in Florida 28 times!! Yes you read that right 28 times:)
People ask why I keep going back, don’t you get bored? The answer is definitely NO.
When you go with someone different you see it through their eyes. You experience everything as they experience it. It is even better when it is their first time! Or if they have never been there with someone who knows how to navigate the parks.It is all new and different to them.
Mostly it is fun and relaxing for them!! They can just enjoy and take in all the wonders of Disney!!
Besides, Disney is always adding a new ride, show, restaurant or procedure so I need to keep up on what is happening so I can help you and my clients. It is important that I am always learning and trying new things at Disney.
My knowledge helps you and it helps me. Their is nothing like seeing Disney through the eyes of a child or an adult:)
That to me is a magical moment at Disney. Thank you.

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