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Planning a day in a Disney Park

Have you ever thought “how do I go about planning a day in a Disney Park”?  This can be quite the task and often overwhelming.  It is easier if you break it down into parts.

Try these steps for planning a day in a Disney Park:

-What are the top 3 rides/attractions you must do

-List what you don’t want to do (You will be surprised at how this clears up space and time)

-Learn what rides/attractions are the most popular and therefore the busiest

-Check the park hours

-Check to see if you must do’s are on Genie+ or Lightning lane (Are you prepared to pay to go on them or rather wait in the stand by queue?)

-Do you plan to make table service dining reservations? (If yes, make sure 6 Am 60 days out you are ready to go)

-Are fireworks important to you and your travel party?  Did you check what time they are?

-Refurbishments have a habit of coming up so be prepared

-Park hours tend to change almost up to the last minute so make sure you are on top of this

More helpful tips for planning a day in a Disney Park:

-Did you know that resort guests can get in 30 minutes prior to official opening?  You may be able to enjoy several rides/attractions in this time. Yes, I know it is vacation but getting their early really pays off.

-Park Pass Reservations, did you make yours?  I recommend making them as soon as you book your resort stay or purchase your tickets so you don’t get shut out of any days you want.  Check availability calendar before purchasing.

-Work with a Disney travel planner.

-Start planning early, it is never too early

-Find out what you need to know and leave the rest for someone else.  You don’t need to know everything about Disney, only what you need.

Have a wonderful vacation at Disney and plan for fun!!

Beauty and the Beast


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