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Planned vs. unplanned for Disney

The question is planned vs. unplanned for Disney this year at Disney.  Personally, I think any time at Disney is better with plans.  What I am saying is you don’t plan down to the minute.  I am saying you need a game plan.  A game plan is a general order itinerary NOT a time to be at each.  This also will result in less stress and loss of time deciding what to do next.The order you choose to go in makes a difference.  As a result you will maximize your time in the parks.

Planned vs. unplanned at Disney in 2020 is not really a question, at least in my opinion.  The biggest reason you need to plan is because you MUST have a Park  Pass to get into a park.  If staying off site you can book 60 days out.  However, if you stay on site then you get to make as soon as you link your reservation to your My Disney Experience account.  Seriously, this is a really big perk right now.  Especially for Hollywood Studios reservations.

Another reason for planning is for the 60 day window on dining reservations.  Remember, it is now 60 days out for making your dining reservations.  Of course, it has been 180 days before this.  Also, keep in mind that they are only at 50% or less for capacity.  VERY limited character dining experiences are available.  For this reason, you may choose to pick some place different than normal.  Anywhere you go I am sure you will enjoy the food.  Personally,  I feel that dining is part of the whole Disney experience.  Quick service ordering must be done using your My Disney experience App on your phone.

Unplanned happenings at Disney are the cavalcades with a variety of characters.  I found that sometimes you turned around and there they were.  It was kind of cool!!

Check out my services to maximize your fun and minimize your stress.  Let’s plan for you to have fun!!


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