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Plan money for your souvenirs!!

We all think I won’t spend too much , I don’t need it.  You get there and see so many great items and all you can think is “I MUST HAVE THIS”.  Yes, this really does happen.  Be prepared for you and the rest of your party to see these items.  Plan the money for you MUST HAVE’S. I have heard how some people give their children Disney gift cards and advise them this is their souvenir money once it is gone it is gone.  No one wants the big surprise on their credit card bill or room bill or realize at end they have less cash on hand then they thought because of this.

More important is set a realistic dollar amount and goal. Maybe check out the Disney Store on line first to get an idea of what items cost.  You could also check out the Disney Parks Store App to see some of the items available and which ones you MUST HAVE.

We all want and need to bring some of the magic home with us, just plan for it:)

What is your must have??? Please reply below.  Thank you.wd002wdw2015091212986840

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