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Plan don’t schedule

It is important to think of your dyas in the #Disney parks as a marathon not a sprint.  You have to pace yourself and know your abilitites, as well as the rest of the people in your group.  You want to remember to be FLEXIBLE as well.  After all, things can and will go wrong- a ride can be down for refurbishment or just for techincial difficulties- don’t stress, do something else.  There are so MANY things to see and do at Disney, but you can’t do them all.  It is important to have the My Disney Experience App on your phone so you can see the wait times for rides, show times, restrooms, character meets, and so much more!! Remember – we are planning the days NOT scheduling the days.  You are on vacation, ENJOY and RELAX!!wdw2015092213365808_7328346159

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