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Part 2-Planning a trip to Disney with parents with children with autism

Part 2 -Planning a trip to Disney with parents with children with autism. Planning well so you can have that great time!  Building in some flexibility just in case you need it.

Day 2 started out with fishing at Disney and I would recommend this highly if your children are into fishing.  The captain/guide will bait the hook for you and take the fish off for you.  All you need to do is cast and reel it in-how easy is that??  We went from the Beach Club Dock for 2 hours, 10 AM to Noon, perfect amount of time.  They do have a 4 hour cruise as well.

From there we went over to Magic Kingdom.  Our nephew enjoyed lunch at Casey’s then on to Buzz Light year and Carousel of Progress. After that he just wanted to wander through the stores to see what was there.  He really enjoys shopping (we even went to a couple flea markets in the area and he loved it!).

We enjoyed a late dinner at The desserts Fireworks Party at Tomorrow land Terrace as I knew their was LOTS of food.  My thought with the Fireworks Dessert Party was that my nephew would not have people crowding him and he could sit down as well.  It worked great!!

Our nephew even stood in line by himself to go see Tinkerbell.  I am not sure what inspired him other than we mentioned that Tinkerbell would be flying overhead at the Dessert Party.  Tinkerbell was wonderful with him!! I could tell from the pictures.  Thank you Tinkerbell.

As we were driving back to our timeshare at the end of the day he asked when we could bring him next?  We told him we had other graduation trips to do with other nephews first.  He was disappointed but understood.  He was even willing to pay to go back with us. That is a trip for another day and another story. Planning a trip to Disney with parents with children with autism is great!

All I can say is that planning paid off, it was a magical trip for him!!  That made it a magical trip for my husband and I as well.  Disney has great services in place that you can use to have a wonderful time!!  Disney cast members are so helpful and will do whatever they can to make your trip magical.

Here is a wonderful link for you to learn even more guest services know BEFORE you go. If you would like to get my 9 step planning for Disney please email me at Colleen and I will be happy to send you a copy.  Have a magical day and I look forward to hearing from you to!


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