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Master Planner at A Walk in the Park with Colleen
Services I currently offer:
Travel Services and Reservations

Worldwide travel services and reservations.

Take care of your Disney resort, park tickets and dining plan.

Dining and Ride Reservations

Make your dining reservations as far out as 180 days.

Take care of your Fastpasses (ride reservations) to help create your personal itinerary.

Daily itineraries for in the parks

Daily itineraries set up to match your personal choices and plans.

The itinerary is a “game plan” for you, not a rigid schedule.

The itinerary saves you time and stress by knowing where to go and what to do next.

My Disney Experience Tutorials

Learn how to use the My Disney Experience App before getting to the park.

Personal instructions on how to maximize the use of the my Disney Experience App.

Maximize your time and minimize your stress.

Availability with me while planning and in the parks.

I am available to you during the entire planning process with any questions or concerns.

You can reach out to me while you are in the parks or at Disney with any questions or concerns.

I am there for you to help create your own magical memories.

Planning a trip to Disney? Check out this easy 9 step planning guide!

9 Steps to Planning a Trip to Disney

Check out the travel and in park services that we offer!

Services we offer!

Tips and tricks to help you create a magical vacation at Disney!

My top 10 tips for Disney

About Colleen Parisi and how I started doing what I do. Creating magical memories for you and your family!


“Wow. That pretty much sums it up. Helping me pick dining reservations based on interests and plans, to knowing what rides, shows, and attractions that needed fast passes and which didn’t, Colleen has been amazing through this whole trip. Even while onsite when we thought about making changes, she was able to provide suggestions. If you need help with just dining and fast passes, need your days planned (not scheduled), or just need some advice, give Colleen a call.”

“While I’ve never used Colleen’s services…I can tell you that she knows her stuff.  She’s got it down and what we call a “Disney Fanatic”.  Who is we?  Cast Members….and I’m a former one of a decade.  Cast Members would often joke that some of the fanatics knew Disney better than we did.  Colleen is an example of that.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, and want to make the most of your experience, call Colleen.  She can definitely help to take the stress away, after all, you’re going on vacation…why stress?  WDW is 48 square miles to put it into perspective, twice the size of the island of Manhattan.  I don’t know about you, but when I go to the city I use a Map and guide to get around.  Colleen is all of that in one with Walt Disney World.” 

“Have you gone to Disney and been totally overwhelmed? Or spent too much time waiting for a special ride/attraction/character? How about knowing where to eat?

Talk with Colleen. We used her when we had our trip last year. And every penny was worth it! She took care of my dining and FastPass reservations. She was there when I had to change a dining reservation at the last minute. She helped when most rides were closed due to lightening.

Seriously. Call Colleen.”

Travel Planning Tips on our blog…

Find me on YouTube!

Find me on YouTube!  I have posted all my videos on YouTube to help you with your planning of a trip to Disney and to keep you up to date on what is happening at Disney. Each video is individually labeled so you can find what yo are looking for.  I hope you enjoy all...

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My top 10 Tips for Disney!

Check out this video on YouTube with my Top 10 Tips for Disney!! My top 10 tips for Disney You will have a much better time at Disney if you have extra tips and tricks.  Their so much to learn about what to do and how to do it to maximize your time at Disney! I want...

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Walk, walk, walk!

By this I mean, start walking BEFORE you come to Disney!! Disney is huge, over 40 square miles!!!  You will do so much walking while you are at Disney it is best to prepare.  This may be doing it before work, or while on lunch break or even on a coffee break.  I can...

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Dining reservations at 180 days out

Many people think that it is crazy to make dining reservations at 180 days out from your arrival.  Way back I thought that too.  I have learned if I want the best locations and the best times you need to book early. Use this link to calculate your 180 day mark: 180...

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What a day in the park looks like to me

I am sure you have wondered what a day in the park looks like for me. Here is my last visit with a day at Magic Kingdom and heading over to Epcot for the evening to see Illuminations for the last time.  FP means Fastpass, ADR is Advanced dining Reservations and BTMR...

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Check out my interview with Honestly Maggie!

Make sure to check out my interview with Honestly Maggie!!  Maggie is from the Albany, NY area and recently started a podcast called Working Lunch Pod. #workinglunchpod Here is the link to listen to my interview: Honestly Maggie.   You can learn how I got into my...

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Join my Facebook Fastpass Challenge!

Today start my Facebook Fastpass 4 Day Challenge!  IT is a great first step to planning your Disney vacation!!  It teaches you how to take care of Fastpasses and which rides to have Fastpasses for. Here is the link to sign up: FastPass Challenge and learn how to make...

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Food & Wine Festival is on!

Epcot's Food & Wine Festival is on and I can't wait to go!!  There have been several new additions this year for foods as well as shows and other experiences to be had.  It has been on since 8/29/19.  Have you been yet? I will be going later this month and am so...

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Additional Information for Special need parents

Here is additional information for parents with special needs to help you with your home.  Special Needs in the Home  I want to thank David Lafferty of bank Rate for sharing with me.  He can be reached at david.lafferty@bankrate.com Disney really tries to help...

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Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party goes through November 1 at the Magic Kingdom.  This is such a great and fun event!  Food, Villains, Trick or Treat, Special Foods, Special extras at some of the rides!  Make sure you have a game plan when you go!! I love that...

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Remember: Everyone should have a good time at Disney and other parks!!

I help to plan your days at Disney with helpful itineraries and touring plans. For instance, by taking care of your advance dining reservations as well as your ride/attractions reservations we create a fun game plan for you!

With over 20 years of traveling experiences to Disney and planning trips for others, I have learned how to plan your days in the park to maximize your Park experience. This helps you to NOT stand in lines, while others will.

With planning, we will take the stress out of your trip, and keep the fun in. Contact me to discuss your magical experience for planning a vacation at Disney!

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