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Packing your Park bag

Their some essentials to have in your bag for the parks(or in my case my vest):EPCOT_VISAMEET_7505950511 Band aids, ponchos, pen, sunscreen, antibacterial wipes, tissues , cell phone,  phone charger/battery pack, park maps, Magic Bands/Tickets, credit card, photo id, cash, gum, tylenol/motrin, and zip lock bags.

Some extras that are nice to have: wet wipes, lanyards (and pins if trading-I also carry spare backs), autograph pen and book, snacks, towels, and spare pair of socks.  I alos carry benadryl, anti-naseous pills and Immodium (just in case, I use tablets).

If you are bringing a camera make sure ot have back up battery and memory card.

Remember Selfie Sticks are banned in Disney parks, as are chairs and large coolers.

I also carry a bottle of water at all times as you do NOT want to get dehydrated!!!

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