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October Newsletter

OCTOBER NEWSLETTER-Dining at Disney!  Mostly, getting those Advanced Dining Reservations (ADR).

The dining options at Disney can be very overwhelming to say the least.  There is table service, counter service and just snacking-so many choices, so little time!  Here’s a short explanation of each and tips to help you choose.

To me Table Service is one of the magical ways to dine at Disney!

Tip #1-It is also important to know that the reservation window opens at 180 days out, yes 180 days-that’s like 6 months!  If you are staying on site it is 180 days from your arrival date, and you can make it for up to 10 days-big bonus!!  Unfortunately, if you are staying off site then you need to make your reservations at EACH 180-day mark.

Tip#2-Be up at 6 AM EST at the 180-day mark to make your reservations on line or 7 AM to call!

Tip#3-If on site don’t necessarily start at the 180 day mark reservation, if you are trying to get a hard to get reservation go for those FIRST.

Counter Service is a good choice when getting free dining plan and may work better for your family.  Please keep in mind that you will need to find a table for your party, so you may want to split up-one-person orders and the other goes and finds a table.

Tip#1-Dine during non-peak times (lunch 11-1145, dinner 330-430 or 730-830)

Tip#2-Use the Disney Experience App to order your food to save time in line to order and for pick up.

Tip#3-Look at menus BEFORE entering to make sure there is something everyone will like.

Snacking your way through Disney.  This is VERY easy at Epcot during all their special Festivals.  But, don’t worry there is still great ways to snack through all the parks.

Tip#1-Refillable pop corn and soda’s in the parks (not to be confused with resort refillable mugs-you CAN’T refill your resort mugs in the parks for free).

Tip#2-Sweets galore and salt galore!  Both will make you want to drink more water (this is a good thing to drink more water). But so very tasty!!

Tip#3-If on Dining plan you have a whole assortment of snack credit choices in the shops as well as on the “streets” outside.  Use them for the stand alone carts or go into the shops or quick service locations.

My favorite is the Dole Whip Float, YUMMY!!

Many people also ask me if they can bring their own food, the answer is yes if it is not in glass.  Also, keep in mind that it is hot and unless you have a cooler to keep it in be cautious on your food choices-no one wants to get sick.  It is easy to carry snacks like granola, pretzels, goldfish crackers, and such.  It can also save you some money, especially if you have picky eaters.

I recommend trying something different while at Disney.  This can be a new food or maybe a new restaurant.  Disney is always changing and adding new choices for you. As always, enjoy and have some fun!!



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