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Now is the time to travel!

I repeat, now is the time to travel!  We have been home languishing and feeling down when all we want to do is go.  Go to the ocean, to the mountains, to the Caribbean, anywhere!!  Where do you want to go??

Now is the time to travel, even if it is close to home.  It is surprising how much there is to do within a couple hours drive from your home.  Exploring your hometown may be another option.  How many have lived some place for years and never visited the attractions??  I live near Saratoga Springs NY and it was only about 3 years goa when I visited the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame .  Visiting your home town makes you see it all a new.

With summer coming more options are open for travel.  Going to the beach can mean Cape Cod or Maine.  If you are looking to go to the mountains maybe it’s the Poconos or the Adirondacks.  Yes, you certainly can travel to see the Rockies or the Smoky Mountains. Maybe it is time to get on a train to see more of the US.  Amtrak has many great offers and experiences. Perhaps, you want to travel to see family and relax with them.

Opening of travel to Europe, or at least France, may be happening this summer.  The Caribbean is open with certain requirements.  Cruising is opening in the Caribbean and the cruise industry is pushing for US ports to open this summer.  Make sure to do your research before making reservations.  Reaching out to a knowledgeable travel agent is another great option.

Now more than ever.  It is important to know before you go.  I am happy to have a free consultation with you.  Another option is to simply reach out with your questions. You deserve a wonderful vacation!!

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