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New Villains Party at Magic Kingdom this Summer!!

Disney has started a new hard ticket event for June, July and August at Magic Kingdom.  It is called Villains After Hours Party.  It is scheduled from 10 PM to 1 Am and will have so many Villains and Villain entertainment. To me it is a must do!!

Many of you know that I normally do not go to Disney in the summer but for this I will make an exception.  it will be select nights from 6/8/19 to 8/8/19, the tickets are $139 (those with Annual Pass or Disney Vacation Club members will get them for $109.  Special treats will be available with the party and many more will be available for purchase.

They will have special merchandise available to purchase and celebrate this event.  I will see what great Cruella items I can find.  Their must be something:)  You can wear your Villain costumes as well for this event.  I may get to be Cruella again:)

They will have a special stage show in front of the castle called Villains Unite the Night.  Shown a couple times so all can see it. Hades and Meg from Hercules will be the hosts but many of their Villain friends will be joining them.

There will be 20 rides open to ride.  Also, Space Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean will have special additions for the night to check out!

The Maleficent Dragon from the day parade will be out and about in the night for all to see.  It should be spectacular with the fire breathing dragon at night!

The only drawback I can see is that their will not be any character meets.  This is a big deal and may be a mind changer for some people.  The Villain meet and greets are ALWAYS very popular and hard to get.  I am saddened by this but still very much looking forward to this party night!

Feel free to check out this link for more information: https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2019/04/experience-villains-unite-the-night-and-more-during-disney-villains-after-hours-this-summer-at-magic-kingdom-park/

Let’s get ready to have some fun!  Are you going to the Villains After Hours Party?  I hope to see you there! #VillainsAfterHours


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