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Never thought I would be going to Disney during the hottest months of the year!

I truly never thought I would be going to Disney during the hottest months of the year!  When I was first asked I said an adamant NO!  Then it was brought to my attention that I needed to experience this so I could better advise my clients on how to enjoy this time of the year at Disney.  Let me tell you all about what I learned.  It is DEFINITELY hot and humid in the summer months.  Not only that you want to be prepared for the rain.  If you are lucky it is only the afternoon shower that is over in less than 30 minutes, if not then too much rain.

I asked many people for their tips and tricks to beating the heat while in Florida.  The most important, and I cannot stress this enough, is to HYDRATE!  If you think you are drinking enough then you need to still drink more.  Think of it this way, if you are not in the restrooms every hour then you are not drinking enough.  Water is the key, plain water!!  Disney provides ice cold water for it’s guests at all of the quick service locations or you can buy bottled water (currently at $3.50 a bottle). I personally find the Florida water to have a funny taste, so I pay for the bottled water.

Other things to think about using are Gatorade Chews, Shaklee Energy Chews, Misting Fans, Hats and Sunscreen.Try these different choices before you go, find out what works best for you.  If I had to pick the top 3 things to utilize it would be:
3-Breaks into cool, sit-down rides/attractions or dining for breaks

Also know in advance what rides, attractions or shows or restaurants are available to go to to rest in AC and be out of the sun for a while.  Don’t just survive the Florida heat, THRIVE!

Disney Hot in July of Walk in the Park with Colleen



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