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National Lampoon’s Vacation

Many of us have seen this moving many, many times or at least part of it.  It got me thinking and I wanted to share.


It is about a family, the Griswold’s, who are going on a BIG family vacation and driving cross country to get to Walley World (Sounds like….). From the moment that Dad picks up the new car, wrong car, things just keep going from bad to worse.  Nothing seems to be going their way and he keeps saying we just need to get to Walley World. When they finally arrive, they find that Walley World is closed for 2 weeks for annual refurbishment! Totally closed-let’s be thankful that Disneyworld does not close and entire park for this. Actually, it does not end badly for them, some might say even ends well for them.

THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS PLAN!!! Know what will be open or closed while you are there, know the crowd levels, etc.  REMEMBER TO PLAN TO HAVE FUN.

Thank  you and have a magical day!

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