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My Toy Story Land Report

I had the great opportunity to get an annual pass for preview of Toy Story Land the last week of September so I can help you with your planning at Disney for Toy Story Land.  This meant being at Hollywood Studios at around 640 AM to be let in around 645 AM and walked back to Toy Story Land. We were given a green band to wear that gave us fastpass until park opening at 9 AM.

To say that there were hardly any people would be an  understatement.  Maybe a couple hundred people so VERY light. I went directly to Slinky Dog Coaster and rode it 3 times and then went over to Alien Saucer Swirl for a ride (this was a bit too swirly for me) and then back to Slinky Dog for another ride.  Then I decided to go for my favorite Toy Story Mania for 3 times.  I could have ridden more but was happy with that.

They let the regular crowds in around 830 AM but they had to wait in line for a bit.  You could definitely tell once they opened the front to general public, the crowds were big. The crowds went right to Slinky Dog Coaster so know that you want to go there first if you don’t get a fastpass.

I loved the themeing and enjoyed the Slinky Dog and Toy Story Mania.  I can definitely see what people say about lack of shade. I was there so early it was dark when the day started so I got to watch the sun come up.

I recommend checking out the New Toy Story Land and it’s rides!  It is fun and worth your time.  I also wanted to note that the Slinky Dog Coaster is not a “kid” coaster, so be prepared.  Of course, you can listen to Wheezy sing at the end of it too!!

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