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Top 5 tips for Planning a trip to Disney

Top 5 tips for planning a trip to Disney:


I advise/suggest to my clients to reach out 7-8 months in advance of travel.  You may ask why? The reason is that the table dining reservations start at 180 days out.  If you REALLY want certain locations and times this is a must!!  Know when you 180 day mark is.  This will also assist you with your fastpass reservations.  You may book early and if you work with a Travel Agent they can work to get you a discount as they come out from Disney.  It is important to know you have the resort and location you want.  Also, make sure to pick the resort that is right for you.  This means location and price.


You may wonder why this is important.  Nothing worse than going to a restaurant and finding nothing on the menu or worse, nothing you can eat due to an allergy. See what my clients are saying testimonials   Dining at Disney is part of the whole Disney experience, make sure you get to go where you want or your little ones want.

Book your dining as soon as possible.  NOTE: Start with the hardest to get not with day 1, then day 2, etc.  if staying on site. It will REALLY help you.  Remember it is 6 AM on line with your My Disney Experience Account (Make sure to have a credit card on file). make sure you list any and all food allergies.


I cannot stress enough of how important it is to review the maps.  You want to know where your rides and shows are in the park.  it will be amazingly helpful when you are there.  Also, it is important for you to know the height restrictions on each ride .  This knowledge will help you not have meltdowns while in the parks.  if you children are not tall enough they are not allowed on the ride for their own personal safety.

Know which rides are eligible for fastpasses.  Choose your fastpasses wisely, know what is most popular in each park.  Read up on the Tier system that Disney is using so you do not waste time trying to get rides you can’t after your first pick.  The tier system has you pick one ride from tier 1 and 2 rides from tier 2.  Once those are used you can try to get more.

Book your fastpasses as early as possible.  If on site then make sure to start with the hardest to get rides first, not necessarily the chronological order of your visit.


This app is a wealth of information, whether you stay on site or off. For everyone you can see wait times of rides, where characters are, where bathrooms are, see fastpasses/dining reservations and mobile ordering just to name a few.  When staying on site you can see when the next bus is coming, keep track of your dining plan credits and open your room!

Spend time now to save yo time later.  This is also a great way to see which rides you want to get the fastpasses for due to the long waits.  This is Top 5 tips for planning a trip to Disney so let’s go to number 5.


What is meant by this is you do not want a schedule where you must be someplace at 830 , then 910 then 1020, etc. as you may not make the times or feel an urge to get ahead of it.  It will only cause you stress. This is vacation it is fun not stress-remember that schedule and stress begin with “S”.  Create an order to accomplish what you want in the park without going back and forth.  Trust me, you will be walking enough.  TIP: Go left while everyone else is going right.

Another part of this is if you are at Disney for 5 days or more then take a down day.  This is a day with basically nothing on the game plan. You can relax at the pool, enjoy your resort, go to Disney Springs, check to other resorts, etc.  Their are SO many things you can do to relax and enjoy Disney without going into a park.

Any questions or comments please feel free to reach out to me!  Remember, here are the Top 5 tips for planning a trip to Disney and their are so many more!!


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