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My first trip to Disney

I still remember my first trip to Disney.  Do you remember your first trip to Disney?  What do you remember?

I was 19 years old and flew down to Florida with two of my friends.  We were driving her parents car back to New York but had 1 day to go to Disney.  I think of all the things I did wrong.  We arrived mid-morning in the parks and went straight to Space Mountain.  I still remember reading all the warnings and restrictions on the ride.  This really made me wonder about going on this ride.  After riding Space Mountain I had to sit for like 15 minutes to calm my stomach down, again, I wondered why I went on that ride.  Fast forward, I love this ride and go on it regularly.  I also learned I do not like this ride with the lights on-yes that can and will happen.  To me it was scarier with the lights on than with the lights off.

The rest of the trip was quite a blur and I do not really remember too much.  I believe I went on Peter Pan’s Flight and It’s a Small World but I do not remember too much else. At that time the size of Magic Kingdom was overwhelming to me.  I remember thinking as we rode the monorail from the parking lot to the front of the park it was a long way to go.  Nowadays it seems so short.  Now, I am always in awe when I get my first view of Cinderella’s Castle.  Yes, I tear up when I do and I love that feeling.  Do you tear up at the site of Cinderella’s Castle??  I do remember seeing it on my first visit to Disney but it feels different now when I do-it feels better!!

I hope and believe you will always remember your first visit to Disney, unless you were very young.  My dream is for you to never forget it and that all of your visits are magical!!


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