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My first day back at Disney

My first day back to Disney after the 4 month quarantine was scary to start and wonderful to end!  The day was Tuesday 7/7/2020 and it was to be my first day back at Disney post COVID-19.

I was fortunate to go as a guest with a cast member to Magic Kingdom. It can safely me said that you have, or at least I do, the highest expectations at magic Kingdom because it is the heart of Disney World.  Honestly, I was scared and apprehensive about going into the parks. Not knowing what it was going to be like, how would it feel, would it feel like Disney?? So many feelings were going on.

I got to the parking toll gates where they kept us for a bit as they were trying to keeping cars and people farther apart. They parked us every other parking space.I waited up near the temperature check tents for my friends, pacing nervously. You saw many signs on the ground for social distancing as well as tent style signs.

Seeing cast members in masks AND face shields is the norm.  Next you put on your mask and walked up to the Ticket and Transportation center for your temperature check which is easy and painless.  Security was easier than before the closing as it’s a no touch security check as your bag goes in tray (you set it there), then you walk through the metal detectors.

We chose to take the monorail and stood in line at safe distances to board. We had out own space in the monorail, they are not mixing groups together. No more full monorails at this time.  Then as the monorail moved closer to Magic Kingdom I was nervous. Then I could see it was good. I could feel myself cry, cry for joy. My Disney was there and it was great!!  I walked down the ramp from the monorail and then through the magic band scan area where they are not using the bio-metric scan (finger print) for check in.

REMEMBER-You must have a Park Pass to enter the park for the day. This is in addition to your park ticket. Their is no fee for the Park Pass but only for your Park Ticket.  Everything seemed to be “normal” except for the lighter crowds. We breezed in and under the train tunnel and I was home. It looked beautiful and I knew it was okay, I was okay.

Proceeding into the park by walking up Main Street with that magnificent view of Cinderella’s Castle!! Their were no words, simply joy and definitely a few tears.It was beautiful and amazing and I was so incredibly happy!!  Stopping to get a coffee, well no coffee for me, and when we came out their was a special cavalcade coming by with Mickey and Donald, it was a dream come true!! it made it feel like everything was okay. Yes, a few more tears and a lot more joy.

Next it was off to try some rides. it was walk on at Buzz Lightyear and then over to Space Mountain. When we arrived at Space Mountain it was on hold due to a property issue but it started pretty quickly but they forgot to turn the inside lights in at Space Mountain. This was the one and only time I have ever ridden Space Mountain in the lights and it was SCARY!! OMG, incredible!! I like the lights off better, believe me.

Off to experience several other rides and got a bite to eat at Pinocchio Village Haus using mobile ordering on our My Disney experience App. this is the only way to order food.  We then went on other rides and did some shopping, of course. Then it was off to dinner at Disney Springs.

It was the best day ever!! Disney magic was all around us!!  Reach out to me to talk about my trip and your trip to Disney!!

Mickey on Float

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