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My first and last meet ups with Cruella!

My first meet up with Cruella was at Hollywood Studios , many years ago.  I can still remember the excitement I felt when I saw her, it was unbelievable!!  I thought, I am finally going to get to meet Cruella, it was a dream come true!!

It was a very short line to see her, now it would be very long, and I couldn’t get to the front of the line fast enough.

She was Cruella!! She was totally it!!  She made my day and certainly a very precious memory.

The last time I met her I was at Magic Kingdom for the Not so Scary Halloween Party.  I, of course, was dressed as Cruella as I love to do that!!  I stood in line between shows and when I got up to her I had my vest for her to autograph.  The Photopass photographer said she could to do autographs and in total Cruella personality and character she said ” I can do what I want I will sign the vest”.  I had her sign right over my heart on the vest.  To date, that is the most important signature that I have.

Who is your favorite character? Please tell me about the interaction with them?  Thank you!

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