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My Disney feelings

My Disney feelings are complex.  I was fortunate to spend 5 days in 3 of the 4 Disney parks last week and love “being home”.  I was anxious to go for many reasons.  One big one was for knowing that the magic was still there.  Disney fans will understand this feeling and this fear.  I needed to know that my heart and could could soar again with the Disney magic.  Disney magic is very real!!

I was afraid it was going to be so sterile or cold when I walked into the park on day one.  I need that Disney magic in my life as it has become such a big part of me and who I am.  Also, it is what I am able to share with people and create for my clients, friends and family.  My heart,soul and mind just light up and feel wonderful when I go to Disney.  I needed to know it was good.

I am very happy to say that the Disney magic is still there!  The Disney magic is alive and doing well at Disney World in Florida.  First, I drove up to the Magic Kingdom park booths and to the parking lot.  Everything was looking good but the low crowds felt weird.  Second, was going through the temperature check tents, next was security and onto the monorail to the park entrance, again light crowds in monorails.  Thirdly, it was using my magic bands to get into the park.  I could feel the excitement building as I went through each of these steps. Under the railroad and onto Main Street with the view of the castle. YES!!!  The magic is there, everything is good.  I am good and ready to help you find the magic.

Going through the parks that day and going on favorite rides was a dream come true!  Seeing the characters on the various cavalcades was wonderful!  The fear of no Fastpasses quickly went away with the very low crowds.  Yes, I wore a mask, practiced social distancing and used the hand sanitizers/sinks constantly but the magic is still there!  I had Dole Whip to celebrate being there (of course, used the mobile ordering on the My Disney Experience App).

I felt sad with no meet and greets with the characters but so happy to be there.  The magic is still there but my Disney feelings are complex, I am sure you understand.

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