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My Disney Experience App Part 1

The My Disney Experience App is a must to have in the parks with you!!

What is it? What does it do?  It is the first step of your Disney vacation planning.  Here is the link:

-Hit create account.  You will need to enter email address (then confirm) and set up password (then confirm).
-Name and address.  You will need to select 2 security questions.
-I recommend to receive updates and special offers (you can change at any time).
-Agree to terms and conditions
-Add everyone in your party (Name, date of birth, don’t forget to pick their avatar).
-Make sure to input your cell phone number and add credit card (this will be needed for a couple things)
1- Dining reservations
2- If on site resort reservation you will need for room reservation
3- Can be used to purchase tickets and/or Memory Maker
4- If staying on site, used to charge to room

-Link tickets and magic bands (if not staying on site), if staying on site then tickets and magic bands will automatically link.
-IF you buy a new magic band in the parks they will link it to your tickets (account).  It does NOT deactivate your “old” one.  You can deactivate your old one if you want.
-You will need to link your reservations for your Disney resort to your account, unless set up at time of booking.

-You will have all this information in your MDE: (MUST BE LOGGED IN TO SEE)
*Disney dining reservations
*Disney Resort reservations, if applicable
*Information for your travel party (names, DOB)
*Memory Maker Information and access
*Ticket Information
*Fastpass reservations, can also be changed on phone

TBC. Check in Monday for Part 2.


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