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What is My Disney Experience?? Often referred to as MDE. It is an amazing system that Disney has set up. It is a MUST do to start planning your Disney vacation.
Go to https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/ and in the upper right had corner and you will see the MDE.
-Create an account (this is very easy, make sure to add all the people in your party)
This is where you will make you dining and ride reservations from. It will also keep track of your resort reservation (when staying on site).
Also, when in the parks (or even outside), you can update your fastpass (ride reservations) or get more once you have used your first 3.
Their is SO much information available here- wait times for rides (no more running across park to find out wait times), where nearest rest rooms are, show times, maps, etc.  just so much information!!
I recommend “playing” with this prior to going so you are comfortable with it while you are there. Also, it’s fun to see the wait times for your favorite rides or where your favorite characters are.

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