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My day at Magic Kingdom

This park is usually better if you have two days. It has the most rides and attractions than any other park.

Ok, here you have it again, be at gates by 30 minutes prior to opening time. Keep in mind, if you are not staying at a Disney resort you need to get from parking lot to gates, this takes time-PLAN FOR IT! You can take the monorail or the ferry boat.

Make sure to keep eye on Disney app and Times Guide while you are hear. Watch the wait times. This park is DEFINTIELY about flexibility so that you can maximize your day!

I go to Buzz and may even ride twice if no wait. Then over to Under the Sea, may stop at It’s a Small world, then on to Haunted Mansion (my husbands favorite).

Then to Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain, then its time for lunch-usually I will got to Crystal Palace- I like the buffet and the characters.

After lunch it fastpass for Pirates of the Caribbean, over to Seven Dwarfs Mine with fastpass, if time allots then Mickey’s Philharmagic between these two.

Then to Peter Pan with fastpass. After using my three fastpasses I see if I can get new ones, just keep trying.

Then it would be dinner-this probably would be Liberty Tree Tavern.

After dinner it would be over to Monsters Inc, always fun.  Also, to ride Carousel of Progress.

Then it is time for fireworks, need ot get there early for better seats.

Again, PLEASE watch the wait times as you will be able to get more rides and attractions in. Enjoy!!

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