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My day at Animal Kingdom

My day at Animal Kingdom will start with breakfast and hour prior to park opening. Remember to make htis reservation 180 days out.

After breakfast we go directly to Kilimanjari Safari, this puts us ahead of the people coming into park for regular hours.

Then I go to Festival of the Lion King, first show of the day. Then to Gorilla Falls Trail ( I love watching them).

If timing is right we go to Flights of Wonder, then it is over to Finding Nemo (we use a fastpass for this) or first show of the day.

Then its time for lunch, either with table service with reservation or over to Flamin Tree BBQ and going to very bottom of path for great spot.

Depending upon group I am with its a Fastpass for Expedition Everest or Kali River. You will get wet you MAY get soaked (can use lockers to keep your stuff dry)

It is time for Maharajah Trek. Then maybe to Bugs Life. May grab a snack at this time.

If time go to Conservation Station, if not then onto evening fastpass of the Kilimanjari Safari. With new evening light show coming watch the time for that and what time you pick for this ride.

Watch the wait times and you will be able to get more accomplished. Be flexible and keep an eye on the wait times.  Enjoy!!


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