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My current Disney vacation

My current Disney vacation is pretty important to me and I will tell you why.

This trip is with me, my husband and one of my nephews.  As some of you know my husband and I were not able to have children so we decided to do something extra for each of them.  It started when the youngest in the family was 5.  We would pay for everything for the kids to go to Disney (if parents went, they paid their own way).

Then as they got older my husband said we need to do something more.  I ask what??  He said, I think we should take them on vacation for a week anywhere in the continuous 48 states after they graduate high school.  I said, OK.

This trip is number 7 of the 9 and we are going to Disney (each of the others have all picked Disney as well).  But this time is a little sweeter.  This nephew asked us several years ago “if I get a GED do i still get my vacation?” (He had his cousins take their trips before him).  We said he would get an equivalency vacation, in other words, a week with us at our home taking day trips.  He would not get his choice of places to go away to.  His thought was it was the same thing, our thought it wasn’t.

Needless to say, he struggled and worked very hard to get through high school and graduate.  I like to think this trip may have helped to motivate him.  He deserves this reward and we are happy to provide it to him.  I am also happy to say he is in college.  he still struggles but he keeps on trying and working very hard.  I believe that deserves a reward.

So, for whatever you are celebrating at Disney or your own happy place, keep on celebrating!  You have worked hard and you deserve the reward.  For me, it is about bringing joy to people when visiting Disney.

Thank you and have a great day!!  You definitely deserve it.

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