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Must do rides at Epcot!

For the regular Disney goers or the newbies or first timers their is always a must do rides at Epcot!  For some it is Test Track or Frozen but for me it is Soarin’.  I still remember riding Soarin’ for the first time at Disneyland before it came to Epcot.  It was magical!!

My usual day at Epcot starts with hitting Soarin’, then heading to Living with the Land and then Awesome Planet at the Land Building.  At this time of day it is no wait which is a huge plus. If you have not seen Awesome Planet yet you are missing out!!  It has become a must do ride at Epcot for me!!  The story it tells is amazing but the photography is beyond words!!  The colors, the views the absolute beauty of it all!!  Make sure to take the time to enjoy this movie, you will thank me later.

Then I usually head over to Finding Nemo Ride, then to Space Ship Earth, then to Journey into the imagination and finally at the Pixar Shorts.  DO you see the Pixar shorts?? It is definitely worth your time.  Piper is my favorite short.  This is all done before noon when park opens at 9 AM and by 1 or 115 PM. When they open at 11 AM.  Currently, the play area after the Figment ride is not open due to COVID but when it is certainly take the time to play.

As far at Test Track and Mission Space they are a maybe do as is The Frozen Ride.  I keep an eye on the wait times and decide then if I want to do them OR if I am traveling with someone who it is a must do, it makes it to the schedule:)  For Mission Space I prefer the green side but this last visit my travel party wanted orange-so we did orange.  They then learned why I do the green side:(  I like to say the green side is good and the orange side makes you green.  Be careful of the motion sickness and g-force factors as they are very real.

What are your must do rides for Epcot?  Also, what are your must do restaurants in the World Showcase??  I would love to know!!

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