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More Galaxy’s Edge Pictures!!

Everyone wants to see more pictures of Galaxy’s Edge!  With good reason it is so incredibly cool!!  The movies have come to life in ways that one could never imagine. Check out the market place!

Check out the menus for Galaxy’s edge:Galaxy’s Edge Menus

You can try the blue milk or the green milk, or why not both.  You can get the regular version or the adult version.  The adult version blue has rum the adult version green has tequila.  What I found to be a great idea is the adult version is a square cup and the non-adult is round.  Neat idea for being inconspicuous. You can see at a glance and know.  I had people say to me that I had my drink “the right way”, that is how I found out about the different shaped cups.

I did not really get into the menu at Oga’s As it was reservations only and I did not have one.  NOTE: Your reservation only gets you 45 minutes at Oga’s so plan wisely. Know what you want before you arrive.  Check out the menu on the link above.

I will post more photos of Galaxy’s Edge this month.  Be on the look out for them.  Enjoy!!




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