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Mom and the Disney Moment

My Mom is a HUGE Pooh fan.  We were luck to take her to Disney for her first trip and she got to meet Pooh.

On arrival day I made sure that The Winnie the Pooh ride would be open, as it closed the next day for refurbishment, so she could ride it.  She was concerned as we did not have a Fastpass (this was prior to electronic Fastpsses) and mentioned she did not like to stand in line.  Per the usual Disney style the line moved quickly, she was impressed.

We had a late afternoon lunch at Crystal Palace and I was excited to show her this ( ihad been several times prior) as I knew she would love.

When we arrived she saw the characters walking around and interacting but I knew she wanted to see Pooh. She enjoyed meeting the rest of the gang but her heart was with Pooh.

You should have seen the way she glowed as Pooh came to the table and she got a hug and had her picture taken with him, I think she glowed for the rest of the day.  yes, that was a Disney moment.  Thank  you.

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