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Masks at Disney

Masks at Disney in the summer was giving me nightmares!  Seriously!!  All I could think about was how hot and humid it is in Florida in July.  I carried multiple masks with me into the park planning on wanting to change them regularly due to sweating.  I didn’t need to worry and I felt good about wearing them.

In order to get into the parks you must first go through temperature screening, security (mostly not touch), then into park you MUST have a mask on. NO mask no entering the lines to even start.  Be aware that no gaiters or bandannas are allowed.  I heard this was because they came off on certain rides (roller coasters,etc.).  It is all about the safety.

You can also purchase Disney themed masks throughout the parks in varying sizes.  Note that they run small so you may need a larger size than you think.  Cast members have them to show you sizing, not to try on for fit.  It is fun to see all the different masks that people have with Disney themes.  Also, some home made masks from Disney print fabrics.

Remember that those 3 and up must wear a mask at all times.  The exception is for eating and drinking.  It is important remember to put your mask back on after you sit down and enjoy your meal.  It is a nice respite.  Also, each park has 3 relaxation stations for you to go to to rest and take your mask off.  One is inside a restaurant and the other two are outside but in the shade.  You can find them on your Disney maps and/or My Disney Experience App.

Don’t be afraid of the masks at the Disney parks.  They will make you feel safer along with the other safety measures that Disney is using.  Come back to the magic!  Welcome home!!

Mask at Mk

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