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Looking to travel to Europe??

Looking to travel to Europe??  I would love to talk to you!!

When planning a trip outside of the US it is important to be in the know.  this is for your passports, best ways to travel and so much more!  Traveling into Europe will be changing next year with a new fee coming out that is mandated.  Currently, no COVID restrictions or requirements are in place.  Yet, it is so important to know if they are.  Also, you need to know about transportation strikes and how they could affect your travel.

The most common way to get to Europe is by plane.  Actually, you could take a cruise ship one way there as well.  Let’s just look at plane travel for now. It is important to allow enough time for your connections as well as arrival time at the airport to start your journey home or to Europe. Flights seem to be continuously changing and updating by most airlines.  Keep an eye on your flights as they could certainly affect your travel.

Once in Europe you can rent a a car (be careful what side of the road), use buses, trains or planes.  It is important to determine what works best for your travel party for getting around.  Also, you want to know what insurances you may need if you rent a car of license requirements.  Check into this in advance or ask your helpful travel agent. When time is important and you want to make the most of your time there, travel smart.

Hotels in Europe are somewhat different than in the US.  One thing I find strange is that full size beds or 2 twins are the norm where as her in the US it is queen or king beds.  Also, in Europe the level you walk into is the ground floor and the next level up is the first floor.  PLEASE keep this in mind especially if you do not have access to an elevator.  It can be a lot of steps, lol.

Ready to go to Europe now?  Looking to go to Europe? Call me and we can talk!!Until then happy dreaming for your travels!!

Notre DameParis Arc de Triumph

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