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Looking for a new challenge for running? How about a marathon at Disney??

If a marathon is too long try a half marathon, 5k or 10k there!
The first full weekend in January is VERY busy. The reason is that it’s marathon weekend. Thursday is a 5k, Friday is a 10k , Saturday is a half marathon and Sunday is a full marathon. And yes, some people run all of them!!
You have the Princess Half Marathon, usually late February, then the Star Wars Half Marathon in April and of course, the Food and Wine Half Marathon in early November.
DO NOT UNDER ESTIMATE THE CROWD LEVELS FOR THESE EVENTS!! You not only have the runners, but you have their family and friends there to support and watch them.
I ran my first half marathon there and loved it! So much entertainment of all kinds to keep you motivated on your run. I highly recommend it!!

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