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Let it go!

Who hasn’t heard Let it Go more times than they want??  I mean, really, it’s a whole entity unto itself!!

Planning your trip and trying to set it all up can be very overpowering.  Wouldn’t you love to have someone take care of it all, take care of you?  I am hear to suggest to you to “Let it GO”.  What I mean is let me take care of your Disney planning as well as take care of you.  Imagine how it would feel to just let it go!  My taking care of your reservations, itineraries and dining plans frees you up to just have fun.  Let’s start with a free 30 minute consultation.

Often we go through life and struggle to let go of so many things.  I have been practicing and striving to be more like Elsa.  This means learning to “Let it Go”.  By holding onto anger, fear, others expectations we are giving them power and we shouldn’t.  We need to be more like Elsa.  Often when I am dwelling on something or can’t seem to stop myself  I simply say “Be Elsa”.  How often in your life do you find yourself unable to do just this?  I challenge you to put Elsa into your daily life and take back more of you.  It allows you to be happier with just you and not carry the extra luggage (not literally).

Your first step in letting go is enlisting my assistance and planning skills to create your magical vacation at Disney.  Being available to you from when we first start up until you get back from Disney is a perk for you.  Create your My Disney Experience Account and reach out to me as your fairy godmother.  Isn’t it time to “Let it Go”

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