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There are many people traveling with multi-generational groups.  It is SO VERY IMPORTANT to know what each person in your group is able to do. The younger ones probably cannot last as long as their parents. Also, some grandparents cannot do as much as their children.  Don’t push people too far or too much because it can take away from the magical experience of Disney.

This may mean breaking the day in two.  Coming in early then leaving for a break- nap, swim, or just relax. Then going back into the park for night time entertainment.

It could mean renting a wheelchair or scooter.  If you are not used to a scooter, please put it on the slowest speed until you get more comfortable with it.

It could mean a sleep in day or off day to just relax, maybe hang by the pool or go shopping.

Know what your group can do and keep within the limits.  Its about EVERYONE having fun!  Being too tired, too sore, too hungry, or just too much, can put a serious damper on your vacation. REMEMBER IT IS A VACATION!!

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