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July Newsletter Part 2 of 3

Let us pick up where we left off.  The trip that changed my life and how it has brought me to where I am today.

I also wanted to mention that we did the trip with our nieces and nephews when they were children, but we also gave them a week vacation with us after graduating from high school.  To date, we have completed 5 of the 9 nieces and nephews-all have chosen Disney for their trip. I guess they all know who to travel with to Disney to have a magical time?

Part 2-The importance of fastpasses.

We were not aware that fastpasses existed back then.  The original was paper that you had to go to the Fastpass machine of the ride you wanted to go and insert each person’s park ticket into the machine would disperse a Fastpass ticket for each person.  This gave you no control over the return time and you could not get another one until either you used the one you had or two hours after you got that Fastpass.

Next, the electronic Fastpass system came out and changed things.

With the electronic Fastpass system you set up your My Disney Experience Account and download the app to your smartphone (no smart phone, then you can use the Fastpass kiosks in the parks).

You get to pick 3 Fastpass choices for each person in your group. Once, you use them you can pick a fourth, use it, then repeat, if, fastpasses are available and park is open.  Don’t forget about the tiering system with fastpasses. For more information on fastpasses and tiering you can check it out on my website: https://awalkintheparkwithcolleen.net/may-newsletter-3/

Magic Kingdom is the only park without a tiering system.  What this means is you get to pick one ride/attraction from Tier 1 and two from Tier 2 in each of the other parks.  The most popular rides are in Tier 1.  It is VERY important to understand this when picking the rides/attractions you want to enjoy.

It is important to pick your fastpasses as soon as your window opens. For those staying on site it is 60 days and for those staying off site it is 30 days. Currently, those staying on site have a big advantage for the most popular rides and getting their fastpasses.  Knowing that, don’t give up, keep trying as they sometimes open due to cancellations or Disney opening up more spaces.

I believe that the electronic fastpasses helps you plan your days in the park better.  I know others believe it takes some of the spontaneity out of the picture. I also believe if you can “guarantee” you space on a ride with the Fastpass that it helps with less meltdowns by younger children (and even adults).

Yes, sometimes a ride will go down during your Fastpass window.  You will be alerted to this by a text or directly to your My Disney Experience App.  You will have the option to hold on to it and use it once the ride comes back up or change it for a different ride.  IMPORTANT: If a ride goes down for an extended period you will have many people using and holding onto their fastpasses.  This creates a bit of a longer line on the Fastpass side but an even longer line on the stand by side.

Once Star Wars land opens at the end of next year then use of fastpasses AND rope drop will be VERY important.  Star Wars fans will be coming from around the world.  The reason I know is I have spoken to people from outside the US and they are planning a trip here just for Star Wars Land.  BE PREPARED!!

Let’s plan to have fun at Disney!  I am only a phone call or email away!!

Thank you!

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