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July 4th at Disney

Have you ever spent July 4th at Disney?  Many people love to do this, some every year!  Imagine being at Magic Kingdom and you experience fireworks in 360 degrees around you!!  Can you see it? Imagine all of that and so much more!!

With the exception of Animal Kingdom the parks all have amazing firework displays for July 4th at Disney. This is an experience that I hope to have one day!  Planning to be there for the fireworks takes extra care. Preparing to be there with LOTS of people is a must!!  Knowing this in advance will help you have a better experience.

You will want to get there early and stack out a spot for your travel group.  Sadly, even with that you will probably get people trying to get closer or lifting a child or a camera up to get a better picture.  Hoping that this doesn’t happen to you during this great experience.

In 2020 the 4th of July fireworks at Disney may or may not happen to such a degree.  Sadly, they may not happen at all. Wishing for some fireworks and guest being able to have this joy!  Dreams really can and do come true!

Happy 4th of July where ever you may celebrate!

Disney Magic with little girl


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