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It all started….

It all started with my husband and I learning we couldn’t have children.  Still able to remember the day I held my nephew, then godson, and a few days after he was born and telling him we would take him to Disney.  Kiddingly,  I say to him “I know you remember when I said to you we would take you to Disney if we couldn’t have kids”.  Of course, being the good sport, 24+ years later, he says yes.  For Walt Disney it all started with a mouse, with me it all started with a baby, or lack of.

The decision was made to take all our nieces and nephews to Disney when the youngest was 5.  My husband and I would cover all the costs for the kids.  Over the years many people have asked to be our nieces or nephews, lol.  The first trip was good but not great.  I knew that it had to be great as that is what my nieces and nephews deserved!!  I went on a mission to learn as much as I could about Disney in order to maximize the time in the parks.  Each trip got better and better as we learned more.  Soon friends and family were asking for assistance for their Disney trips and I was more than happy to assist!

Next level was taking the nieces and nephews on a trip anywhere in the 48 states, no Alaska or Hawaii, as a high school graduation trip.  To date we have completed 7 of 9 and all have been to Disney.  I guess they know they will have a great time!  The 8th is scheduled for early 2022, again to Disney.  Each gets to pick a special “thing” to do.  We have done Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, Fishing on Disney property, Spa day and build your own light sabers to name a few.

I decided to retire early and start my business helping people plan their days in the parks at Disney. Knowing their is a great need and knowing everyone deserves a great time at Disney we started.  My clients become my nieces and nephews and I help plan a great time at Disney.  Looking for the possible way to create the Disney magic in the parks for them.  Are you ready to be one of my “nieces or nephews”??  Reach out for a free 30 minute consultation today! Set up your My Disney Experience account and call me!  When you want your Disney planning to be easy, call Colleen Parisi!

breakfast with Cinderella and A Walk in the Park with Colleen


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