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Is it ok to travel now?

The big question of the day is is it ok to travel now?  My answer is, depends.  The biggest thing it depends on is YOU because of your level of feeling safe?  Firstly, are you ready to wear masks, wash hands regularly, and social distance because it’s important??  Secondly, ready to cook more for yourself or on the other hand maybe it will mean more take out.  Thirdly, it is a personal decision and no one should be shamed or shunned for making a decision to travel or not to travel.

Personally,  I have traveled to Disney on two occasions during the pandemic.  I also have traveled to Virginia because of my sister’s health. Having to quarantine when I get back has become the norm so because of that I order delivery of my groceries.  I understand and participate in masks, hand washing and social distancing while I travel.  Thankfully,  I have access to zoom and do all my visiting that way when I return.  Planning for your pre-trip, trip and post-trip safety is a must do.  In many areas you may need to get a COVID test that is negative before returning and/or after your return.  Please,  know what they are before you go to avoid any problems. So, Is it ok to travel now, that is up to you and your comfort level.

Are you waiting until the vaccine comes out to travel?  Many people are in that same boat as you and are willing to wait.  I am finding that people are traveling much closer to home than in the past.  When you start looking it is amazing how much their is to do within a 6 hour drive of your home.  Start researching now to see what you can do this summer.  Talk to your family to see what interests or ideas they may have.  Keep in mind that many resorts, hotels, etc. are limiting the number of people there for meeting the CDC Guidelines.

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