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Is it a good time to start planning a Disney vacation?

Is it a good time to start planning a Disney vacation?  The answer is yes, yes, yes!!!

I am ready to help you start planning a Disney vacation!!  Yes, I know that Disney is currently closed and there is no official opening date, but we can dream!! They are taking resort reservations effective 6/1/20.  I look at this as a positive sign.  I am actually planning a trip there in June!!!  Follow me on Facebook as I am teaching you how to plan your trip to Disney in very easy, and very small steps, so that it is not as stressful and definitely easier for you.  You can take my class or utilize my other services  Break it down to easy steps to make it easy for you.

Make sure the first thing you do to start planning a Disney vacation is to set up your My Disney Experience Account   This is important and make sure to sign up for the emails so that you will be alerted when Disney is having sales on stays at the resorts.  Also, Disney does have free dining offers a couple times a year and that can really help you out.  Also, this year Disney added a new dining plan option this year and I think it is wonderful!!  Better choices for you and your family.

Universal has already picked a date to open in late April ( I think it will get extended but time will tell us).  We have not heard about when Sea world and other theme parks are going to open.  We have been hearing about the lay offs, furlough and firings to name a few.  It is a challenging time for people and a very scary time as well.  We do not know how long this is going to go but I believe we will be okay.

If you don’t want to travel to Disney when we are no longer needing to be social distance apart then start planning for that vacation.  When all this is done and we start back to our normal lives we will be able to hug again.  I am so excited for this!! To be able to shake someone’s hand, to hold anew baby, to touch someone and not be afraid.  Let’s get excited for that!  Let’s get excited to go out and enjoy the day and enjoy the moment!!!

So, let’s start planning your trip to Disney or wherever you want to go!!

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