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I cry at Soarin’

I cry at Soarin’ every time.  Quite frankly, I cry or at least tear up, when I hear the music for Soarin’.  To me something about Soarin makes me cry, in a good way.  Yes, I cry at Soarin’-do you?

I still remember the first time I rode Soarin”.  It was at Disneyland in California and it was Soarin’ over California.  Words cannot explain how I felt as it blew me away!! I thought what an amazing ride and it made me feel so good.  It’s that warm and fuzzy you get when something touches you.  I guess I would say peaceful and free-relaxed.  Imagining what the Disney Imagineers had felt and seen as they created this ride.  The scents, the motion and the videos all working together to crate this incredible experience!!  Did they know how this was going to affect people???

After going on this ride and having the experience I did, all I could think about was it had to come to Disney World in Florida!!  Disney World is much closer and easier for me to go to.  Then upon hearing that Soarin’ was coming to Disney World, I cried for joy!!  I was going to get to experience this ride over and over again!!  It was a dream come true for me!!  Dreams really can and do come true at Disney!!!

Riding Soarin’ at Disney World at Epcot was a must do for me every time.  usually, I rode 2-3 times each day I was at Epcot.  Seriously, who wouldn’t want to do that??  I was even fortunate to ride it 10 times in one day in July 2020 to check it off my bucket list.  Do you have a ride you would go on 10 times in one day?  I hope and dream you do.  I also, hope that you get the opportunity to experience that.  Yes, I cry at Soarin’ and each of those 10 times I did.


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