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How to Take a Self-Care Trip that Works

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Seattle WA

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How to Take a Self-Care Trip That Works

Life is busier than ever for most of us. A constantly buzzing phone accompanies your jam-packed schedule, and the daily responsibilities seem never to cease.

That’s why so many people struggle to keep their health and well-being a priority. After all, who has time to relax with a book or even take a shower? Nonetheless, self-care is critical for anyone who wants to lead a happy, productive, and fulfilling life.

Self-care travel has been gaining traction among busy adults for that very reason. If you feel like you’re at the brink of burnout, or you simply want to boost your mental health and well-being, then it might be time to plan a refreshing self-care trip. A Walk In The Park With Colleen lists a few U.S. cities that have proven to help people recover from stress and recharge for a healthier life:

Seattle, WA    

Seattle is one of the most beautiful cities in the U.S. Surrounded by water and mountains on all sides, the Emerald City’s food scene is second to none. It also offers more than enough outdoor activities. Whether you are looking to have fun on the water, eat an exotic meal, or sip the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had, this is your place.

Why stop at visiting? If you decide that Seattle is a place you’d like to visit on a regular basis, consider purchasing a vacation home in the city. Buying a second home can be a little tricky, as you may be required to put down more money than you did on your current home. However, if you’re excited about the idea, start saving up money, and spend some time researching the Seattle housing market to help you determine the best way to approach this purchase.

Salt Lake City, UT    

While Salt Lake City is great for many reasons, one thing that makes it shine among other cities is that it is one of the safest metropolitan areas in the U.S. to travel alone. It also has incredible scenery, which is always a plus when taking a self-care trip! The people are amicable, making Salt Lake City feel like a small town.

From world-class museums to unique architecture, from skiing to hiking, Salt Lake City has plenty to offer for health and wellness. If you stay in the city center, you will be within walking distance of almost everything you need.

Honolulu, HW    

Honolulu offers one of the most diverse populations in the U.S. It has a melting pot of cultures and nationalities, and the islands are extraordinarily welcoming to visitors worldwide.

If you seek green, tropical zones with a bit of city thrown into the mix, this is the place for you. Honolulu is very accessible and walkable, and it has a public transportation system to get you from point A to point B. However, Honolulu stands out from other cities because it offers some of the best snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, and sailing opportunities anywhere.

Boston, MA    

Boston is America’s oldest city and one of the largest. Nonetheless, it also happens to be one of the most walkable cities in the country, and there is much to do there. Whether you want to try different foods from local markets, sail on the water, chill out at a gorgeous park, or take a heritage trail, this city can make it happen! You could even take in a Yankees game if they’re in town to play the Red Sox at iconic Fenway Park. Tickets can be found on the cheap when you search online for seats.

If history is what you are after, there is no substitute for Boston. You can learn everything there is to know about the American Revolution, the Boston Tea Party, and many other historical events. Look for a vacation rental or hotel in the North End, Harvard Square, or Back Bay Station.

Self-care travel is trending up each year because people realize how beneficial it is to their mental health and well-being. But if you want your vacation to be impactful, you must take time to plan and choose the right destination. And if none of these places spark your interest, keep researching until you find somewhere that does. And tell your boss that you will see them next week!

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