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How to plan your fastpasses with small children

Traveling to Disney with small children is different than going with older children.
It is important when traveling with small children to make the best use of your fastpasses. I do recommend a break out of the park for little ones to rest. This means using your fastpasses when you come back to the parks.
Park planning would be like this, go into park for opening. Go on as may rides as you can/want then either grab something to eat and then go back to resort , OR go back to resort have something to eat. After getting something to eat, you can nap, swim, rest in room, just kind of chill. Then, you can head back to the back.
Once back use your 3 fastpasses while the lines are long you can just walk right on. Children are all rested from afternoon and you can stay and watch the nighttime entertainment.
Dinner can be a table service or quick service, your choice. You will have a magical day!

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