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How to Make Traveling with Kids More Fun for the Whole Family

How to Make Traveling with Kids More Fun for the Whole Family

As a parent, you want to expose your child to new experiences and help them learn and grow. Traveling together as a family is one wonderful way to achieve that goal. Plus, science shows that travel makes little ones smarter and happier. That said, bundling up children and their belongings and taking them on a trip can be a challenge. From flight delays to car troubles, traveling is full of unexpected challenges. Having children in tow when such situations arise can be tough. With some advanced preparation, you can make traveling with kids easier and more fun for the whole family. Check out the below tips to get started, brought to you by A Walk in the Park with Colleen.

Make Sure Your Home Stays Secure

Before you set out on your adventure, make sure you’ve taken steps to secure your home from intruders while you’re away. If necessary, you may want to invest in some smart home devices that will allow you to check in on things; for example, outdoor cameras and doorbell cameras can send alerts to your phone whenever they detect movement on your property.

Also, ask a neighbor or a friend to stop by your home to check on your home during your vacation. This way, you’ll know that someone you trust has an eye on your property. All of this will give you peace of mind while you’re on your vacation. 

Opt for a Road Trip if Possible

If you can get to your destination by car, this may be preferable. You eliminate the hassle of dragging kids, baby carriers, and strollers through busy airports — and you won’t have to deal with security checks and boarding lines. Driving also gives you more control over your journey. If the kids are clamoring for food or break, you can quickly take care of it.

If your destination is too far away for a drive, plan your airplane travel carefully. Booking in advance allows you to save money; if possible opt for family-friendly airlines. Characteristics to look for include a free infant carry-on allowance, the possibility to reserve a free bassinet, and kid-friendly meals and entertainment. Some airlines even offer sky nannies. 

Invest in Tech to Keep Kids Amused

Whether you fly or drive, traveling will involve some time spent waiting. Kids have short attention spans and can easily get bored when they’re sitting in the back of a car or in an airplane seat. So, prepare entertainment for them in advance. Have books and games ready. If you’re driving, for instance, try road trip activities like the license plate game.

Technology also offers plenty of opportunities for amusement. A kid-friendly tablet or laptop allows kids to watch their favorite TV show or movie in peace. You can also add educational games to these devices. When shopping for a device, check online reviews to look for models that are user-friendly, long-lasting, and comprehensive as far as features offered.

Skip the Hotel and Opt for Homelike Accommodation

Kids don’t need a five-star hotel to be happy. Instead of traditional hotel accommodation, opt for a short-term house or apartment rentals. Airbnb offers a variety of options and you can specify the types of guests — adults, kids, or infants — when searching for accommodation to make sure you end up with a family-friendly place. If you’re comfortable having strangers stay in your house, you can also use HomeExchange to arrange a housing swap.

Staying in a house or apartment means greater flexibility. You can hit the supermarket and simply cook meals in the kitchen, for example. This is ideal if you have little ones that are finicky eaters. Some accommodations may even have kid-friendly extras, like a swimming pool or a playset in the yard. These details help keep kids — and therefore parents — happy. 

Look for Kid-Friendly Activities Wherever You Go

Once your travel, accommodation, and food details are sorted out, you can start focusing on the fun stuff — the activities you’ll enjoy together as a family while traveling. Look for entertainment that is age-appropriate. A toddler probably won’t be interested in an art museum but a waterpark is sure to be a hit! You can scope out sites like Groupon to get deals on local activities that are kid-friendly and affordable.

With these guidelines, you and your family will be able to have a fun holiday that will bring you all closer together. Travel allows you to experience the interconnectedness of humanity and broaden your horizons — advantages that people of all ages will benefit from. Keep your trip stress-free with these tips and enjoy the experience.

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This article courtesy of Maria Cannon of HobbyJr.org-thank you!!

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