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How much does it cost to go to Disney?

This is an age old question and their is no single answer.  It varies by your choices and your budget.

1-Getting there- Flying or driving (if flying are you renting a vehicle?)

2-Accomodations-Staying on site, off-site, with family/freinds, in a time share (remember different levels of Disney resorts-Deluxe, Moderate and Value)

3-Park tickets- Hoppers or not, Water parks or not

4-Dining- If staying on site will you be there during free dining? Do you want to utilize table or quick service? Bring food in with you? (remember no glass)

5-Souveniers- You MUST budget for these

6-Your party- size and age matters for all these costs

It could cost $2000 or it could cost $20,000. It depends on your choices and your budget.  No matter what you spend, remember to ENJOY!!wd022wdw201407955902394

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