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How I can help you have a magical time at Disney

Let me show you how you can have a great time at Disney by utilizing my services.


Step 1-Let me be your Disney travel agent.
Wondering what Disney Resort is best for you?  Or maybe a Disney neighbor resort is better for you.  Perhaps a local hotel or resort that is not Disney.  Let’s talk about what you are looking for and what will work best for your travel party.

Have questions about which tickets to get?  Do you need park hopper, park hopper plus or one park per day?  It can make your head spin.  Don’t forget the park pass reservations.

I assist you setting up your My Disney Experience Account then linking Disney Resort reservations and park tickets.  Or, if you choose a non-Disney accommodation then I will assist you in linking your tickets to your My Disney experience account and travel party.  Then I assist you with those park pass reservations.
Getting your accommodations, tickets and park passes are very important and the first step to planning your dream Disney vacation.

Where to begin with starting your time in the parks?  This confuses and scares people to do.  Delaying your planning can cost you in the parks with time and frustration.

Step 2-Hire me for my in park services.  Think of the in park services as a concierge service and your own person assistant.

The things I will help you with are but not limited to:
-Making your dining reservation
-Making you a personal itinerary for each day in the park
-Teach you to maximize the use of the My Disney Experience App
-Teach you how to maximize the use of the Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane program
-Be available with questions or concerns from when we first meet until you get back from the parks.   Yes, this means I am available to you while you are in the parks.

It is best to start planning at least 6-8 months in advance but can certainly (and have done) when happening in less than 30 days!!

Here are what my most recent clients are saying about my services!!

“We had an absolutely magical time at Disney World.  Thank you so much for all of your help and support and planning expertise to make it the most magical vacation we’ve ever had as a family. The kids loved all the parks. The Polynesian was amazing! The kids loved the lava pool the waterslide and you really can’t beat the location!!We can’t thank you enough.  Disney was SO magical”.  Cristina H.

“The best part of your service was having someone to answer any questions as they came up with your honest opinion on all of the options that we had when I asked for it. I also really liked that you helped us book our dinners so that we did not have to think about what we were going to eat and take a break at the end of the day. Your experience with the parks and helping other families plan their vacation was a bonus for me because you have so much knowledge of how to make each day the best day ever. I also enjoyed the itinerary and referred to it frequently to ensure that we were not missing any of the rides or shows we wanted. We were not able to follow it perfectly because of the times that we had to book specific rides with genie plus but it still provided us with reassurance and guidance when needed. Having someone spend time reviewing the Disney app before we left was fantastic. It really helped me navigate the food ordering, wait time and so much more.”  Angela E.


“I would not have known about the app and I’m glad we had it…for the schedule, the photos, the map, and mobile ordering. It was so easy to order food and just skip the line. I can’t believe that people don’t take advantage of it, especially during a peak season. It sure was packed and lines were long. Your help was so valuable from just the ease of planning the reservations. Thank you for being available when I had those questions during our trip. Your planning was very organized and easy. Oh and your tip about carrying the actual card for the entrance in addition to the magic band was helpful. My little guy left his in the car one day but I had it on me as a back up so no worries. Thank you again! This trip, thanks to you, made me a Disney addict. Would love to go again and will call on you for help.”  AP

I hope you consider utilizing my services for your Disney planning so your family has a magical time at Disney.  This could include travel agent services and/or my in park services (for a fee) to create that magical vacation at Disney for you!


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