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How A Walk in the Park with Colleen got started-Planning at Disney

I am often asked how I got started, what made me come up with the idea of helping people plan their days in the park at Disney? The answer is my nieces and nephews.
Over 20 years ago I made a promise to my nephew/godson that if my husband and I could not have children, we would take him and his big brother to Disney when he was 5.
Fast forward we were unable to have children and started our trips to Disney.
The first was with the nephew/godson I spoke of before with his brother, Mom and Dad-we paid everything for the kids (Mom and Dad had to pay their own way).
We had a good trip but not a great trip. It became my mission to have a great trip for all my nieces and nephews. I made a point of learning everything I could about Disney and touring the parks (today I am still learning every day).
Soon family and friends began to ask me for help with Disney planning. They saw I came back rested, I had great dining reservations and didn’t spend my days standing in line. They wanted the same thing. So I started helping them.
About 8 years ago I said to my husband I wanted to start a Disney planning business and he was totally supportive! This was the birth of A Walk in the Park with Colleen.
I am doing what I love and it brings me great joy. What is even better is I bring this joy to my clients. Each client I work with is “my niece or nephew” going to Disney. I want them to have a great time at Disney!!
I truly believe, everyone should have a great time at Disney!!

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