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Have you ever been to Disney during a hurricane? I have, twice!!

Have you ever been to Disney during a hurricane? Experiencing a hurricane at Disney is scary yet, Disney does a great job keeping you informed and safe.


This was my first time experiencing a hurricane while at Disney while staying on site.  My first time experiencing a hurricane while at Disney was in 2016 when hurricane Matthew came through.  Both resulted in the parks closing for 2 days.

Let me tell you about my stay on Disney property and a couple helpful hints. Also, let you know how Disney keeps you informed and safe.

Here are a few helpful hints:
1-Stay at a resort and room that has an interior hallway. Mostly the Value Resorts (regular rooms not suites) have the door that leads to the outside.  I found by being in a suite and having an interior hallway that I could walk around the building to alleviate not moving.

2-Order food at least 36 hours prior to anticipated event.  Most of the prepared foods, grocery and other delivery services stopped taking orders at about 24 hours out as there were so many.  it is helpful and needed to have food in your room just in case.  Food courts and restaurants were closed or operating on limited menus for guests.  Food was  available but very limited.  Think refrigerated AND non-refrigerated items.

3-Bring cards, games and toys to keep people amused during the time you are staying in your rooms.  I recommend non-electronic for some in case you lose power.  We were good this trip and we did not lose power at any time. Yes, Disney has back up generators as well.

4-Keep your cell phone charged up at all times.  Again, if case you lose power.  This is important as updates are also posted on the My Disney experience App, you will get alarms when they pop up.  It is important to keep up to date.

5- Stay indoors when things begin to get bad or when Disney recommends. We had a stay in shelter from Wednesday at 9 PM until about 11 AM on Thursday.  Food boxes were available for purchase during the day on Wednesday.  the boxes are limited variety but a great value!!

Keep yourself and your travel party safe. If you have questions, please reach out!!  Disney keeps you up to date on all that is happening.

Hurricane WDW

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