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Happy 3rd Anniversary to A Walk in the Park with Colleen!


People often ask me, what exactly I do.  My response is I help you plan your days in the parks, so you have and not stress.  But let me give you more specifics.

I get to know YOU by coming to your home, or meeting at a local coffee shop, or maybe we connect strictly over the phone.  Whichever is best for YOU.

I can do as much or as little as you want.  My services for planning a trip to Disney include, but are not limited to:

-Making your dining reservations

-Making your fastpasses (ride reservations)

-Creating an itinerary for each day you are in the parks

-Educating you on how to use the My Disney Experience App

-I am available for questions, comments or issues while at Disney

-I am available to YOU once you get back from Disney to learn how to complete you Memory Maker photos

-We have face to face (or phone calls if you prefer) to discuss the steps as we go along

-Special request help specific to you

I can do all of this or just some of this.  I even have a “pick my brain session” if you want to just sit for 30 or 60 minutes and just ask me your questions.

I am with you from start to finish.  Speaking of start, I recommend reaching out to me 8-10 months in advance of your trip.  What you say?? 8-10 months??  The answer is yes.  The reason for this is that dining reservations start at 180 days, like 6 months!!  If you want, then I want you to get those wonderful places you want to go.  Places like Chef Mickey, Cinderella’s Royal Table, Be Our Guest, and O’Hana’s, to name just a few.  Another reason is, you will be learning so MUCH about Disney and what to do and which way to go while at Disney that it will be overwhelming.  When we can spread out all this information over several months it is NOT so overwhelming.  Besides, I am sure you are going to have questions.  Yes, I will have questions for you.  I ask questions so you get the most out of your vacation.  I get to know you and what your dreams are for Disney.  THIS IS YOUR VACATION!!


I can help you connect with Disney Travel agents to take care of your resort, ticket and dining plan needs.

I can recommend which resorts may be best for you as well as which dining plans would work for you.  Also, how many days you may want to be in the parks.

There are so many dining choices at Disney, I can help you narrow it down.  This may also mean looking at food allergy or preferences.  Do you have big-eaters, or do you have pickers??

Do you have a daredevil in your travel group?  Or do you have an issue with motion sickness?  We can look at all these to get you on the best rides for you.  Also, don’t forget we need to look at the height of your travel party.  Know before you go is key here. Let’s not have a melt down because you told your child they could go on a ride when you knew they were not tall enough or you hoped they were going to grow.

We haven’t even talked about taking a break.  Do you need a day, an afternoon, or maybe just a nice long 20-30 show or attraction you can enjoy to renew yourself.  We will talk about these.

Are there things you want to d that are not in the parks?  Fishing, golfing, horseback riding and more???

What do I pack for my vacation and what do I take in the parks?? I can help you with this.

You may want to tell me to just take care of it all and let it go at that.  You may want many emails and phone calls about what you want to do or how to do it.  It is all about YOU.

Disney is a magical place.  We all have our dreams, ideas and plans of what we want to do at Disney.  We are very emotionally and mentally attached to this vacation.  It means the world to us.

My goal is to make your dreams come true!!  It is about setting up potential situations for you to have a magic moment.  A magic moment is something that happens that you can’t plan on happening it just does and when it does, it creates a memory that last forever-like your grandchild meeting Mickey for the first time and telling him how much he loves him, or your child being given not one but two Mickey plush just for being himself.  To me Disney is about magical memories for YOU.

Thank you, Colleen.

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