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Great ideas for getting your children outdoors!

Great Ideas for Getting Your Children Outdoors by Maria Cannon of Hobbyjr

Are you worried that your child is spending too much time cooped up indoors, far from sunlight and fresh air? These days, more and more kids are missing out on all the benefits that come from doing activities outside. Fortunately, you can easily reverse the trend for your own child by finding fun outdoor activities to add to their routine. If you’re not sure where to start, consider the following ideas from A Walk in the Park with Colleen.

Benefits of Spending Time in Nature

First, it helps to understand all the health benefits that kids get from playing outside — not to mention how serious an issue this is, given how an alarming Yale study shows our society’s widening disconnect with nature. Yet even in this age of technology, families can still thrive by spending some time outdoors.

Nature-Based Activities

From astronomy to fossil hunting, Earth Science Jr. has lots of suggestions for Great Outdoor Learning Activities in the springtime. You could also try your hand at catching some sunlight with these ideas for 13 Colorful DIY Suncatchers.

Sports-Based Activities

From baseball to frisbee — not to mention an old-fashioned game of kickball — here are loads more ideas to get your kids interested in sports.

         How to Teach a Kid to Catch with a Baseball Glove

Family-Based Activities

Want to do more as a family? Maybe this is the perfect time for some camping or a trip to a water park, or plenty more healthy outdoor activities you can do as a family.

Children need to be outdoors regularly. These days, this is becoming less and less common. To help your child — and for that matter, your whole family —  try some of the ideas discussed in these resources. Whether it’s bird watching in the backyard or joining an outdoor sports team, your child will benefit greatly from being in nature.

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