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Gratitude for my clients who have given me gratitude.

Here are just some of the kind words that my clients have said to me that mean the word to me. I love that I make a difference!!

Jason B.- Just got back this afternoon and wanted to send a quick note saying how great a time we had!  The hotel was great and would stay there again.  The upgraded room was nice, it overlooked the lake and the skyliner (which was a 5 min walk and quick ride to epcot and Hollywood) and we liked how spread out it was making it feel more relaxed.  We got the hang of Lightning lanes and basically rope dropped and hit a few rides until it got busy around 11 or so.  Then we went back and went to the pool or Disney springs and just kept stacking lightning lanes until early evenings and went back a hit 4 or 5 more.  Worked out great.  The weather was perfect and we all had a blast at Typhoon lagoon (kids loved the wave pool).  Already thinking about our next trip…  Thanks again for all your help!

MT-Hi Colleen

We had a fantastic time in magic world.  The girls were so stinking cute and loved every second. Animal Kingdom was my fave.  The hotel was perfect and so clean and beautiful. All of your planning was so helpful. Of course D and C took charge and did all the daily scheduling and used the lightening passes with ease. My fave was the Avatar ride.  Scary as hell but soooo well done. We did it all!!!  Couldn’t have been more pleased. Thank you so much for leading the way to our fabulous most memorable time at Disney .Group hugs!

Vicki C.- So thankful for Colleen! She helped to make my family of four week long trip to Disney an amazing experience! With two kids with special needs, a husband who has never been and they all look to me for the plans, Colleen’s daily itinerary was a blessing! We could all enjoy, no stress on where to go or what to see! She helped me navigate the disability pass and built in down time and places for quiet resting in case it was needed! She took the pressure off of me to have to book dinning and fast pass rides at the way beforehand deadline by booking for us and securing what we wanted! Colleen was even available while we were at the parks to answer questions and move some reservations around for us! It is so worth talking to Colleen! We all had a wonderful time!

Ali S.- Colleen, thank you SO SO much everything you did in helping us plan our trip! Everything was incredible, we had such an AMAZING time 😄😄😄 also thank you for your nice card! Thank you again, Ali and crew 💕

Claire B.- Colleen, I cannot thank you enough for rescuing our vacation.  The girls understood a day’s delay- if we had to push it off for months it would have been devastating. They were so excited-right up to the minute the flight was canceled. You always go above and beyond and I am grateful. We relied on you to move everything around- you even got us Chef Mickey! And yes, we had a magical time. Thank you again.

Laurie L-Just wanted to thank you for all you did to make Disney a magical trip!  D rode all the rides and navigated parks and restaurants fine. Thank you so much!!

Jasmin R.-Thank you for planning the most wonderful and memorable trip to Disney!  M couldn’t have asked for a more perfect first trip and I couldn’t have asked for more perfect planning.  You made the whole process so seamless and stress free it truly created the best vacation experience we’ve had together (even better than our honeymoon!)  All your tips and attention to detail made our Disney experience the best it could be!!  Extra special thank you for booking Oga’s Cantina for us- it was a highlight that we weren’t expecting and so enjoyed.

Amanda B-Thank you so much for another memorable vacation. As for your services,  they were unbelievable and as always you accommodate and answer questions right on the spot.  We appreciate you so much and would highly recommend you to family and friends.

Amy T-thank you so much for all your work to make our vacation as magical as it was!!  I specifically wanted to thank you for working on our dining dilemma while I was sitting in urgent care.  It was so comforting (like a warm hug) having you on the other end getting me information and working on things so I could focus on the urgent care stuff.  I would recommend you to anyone and we definitely plan to use you again ourselves.

Dave V-you made me comfortable by setting the reservations all up, advising based on our unfamiliarity and made me feel comfortable. Your willingness to meet and tweak things as needed were very much appreciated. You gave me everything i needed to make this a sucessful vacation. i probably could have done this all on my own but to me, your assistance was well worth the $ and relieved a lot of stress while giving me a lot of resources and assistance. The tips were on point. thank you for helping us craft a memorable journey to Disney that my girls will always remember!

Rachel A-I wanted to send a note to say thank you for helping us to book such a great trip, we had a fantastic time!  Carson, our oldest, asked when we were leaving on Saturday if we could go to just one more park and have the plane take us home Sunday, so I think the kids were thrilled 🙂 The Cabin was perfect for us; the space we wanted and the convenience of the kitchen was great.  The resort was a lot bigger than we realized, and we found it a bit cumbersome to get around, but I guess that is the tradeoff of wanting more space.  The golf cart wouldn’t have worked for us with also having a stroller, but I think generally a must have at that resort. We used Tiffany Town Car to and from Sea World and Transportaton2Disney to and from the airport, both were great!  Very communicative and accommodating. We rented a stroller through Kingdom Strollers, which is the same place we used 4 years ago.  Pick up and drop off is at the airport now, vs the resort, but still fairly easy. We used Vacation Grocery Delivery to have groceries delivery and they were so nice, a great company. The Halloween party was FANTASTIC!  The kids absolutely loved it!  The night had a slow start due to weather, which certainly cannot be helped, but once things were fully up and running it was amazing. I am still annoyed we have to pay for Genie+ and miss that feature being free, but I would never not do it.  I easily booked 8 rides every day, MK days were more.  We got ALL the big stuff (Remys, Mickey and Minnie, Smugglers Run, etc.) with no issues.  So worth it.We did quick service dinners twice, the food and wine fest one night (which was fab!) and then 4 reservations: Via Napoli, Skipper Canteen, Ragland Road, and Yak and Yeti.  I had no issues getting reservations and all restaurants were excellent!  We all enjoyed all meals.  We didnt want character meals this time since we did the Halloween party, so I am sure the ease of reservations may have been different if we wanted other dining options.

Amanda B-Thank you so much for another memorable vacation. We found that we enjoyed Universal hotel and park better than Disney. I think Disney is super stressful with the lightening lanes and trying to plan the day out.  The going back and forth within the parks can be a lot.  That has nothing to do with you but all to do with how Disney sets it up.  Even still we had a blast. Universal, I cannot say enough about and it was a great way to end our trip. The Hard Rock hotel recommendation was awesome.  We loved it there. The only ride we wanted to do that we didn’t get to was Hollywood Tower of Terror.  Hollywood studios seemed the worst of the 3 parks due to not being able to use lightening lanes due to no times available.  But to say we only missed one ride is not bad. We actually used the single rider line for a few rides to be able to go on multiple times.  Kids didn’t mind at all. I think we would plan to go for a long weekend to universal in the future. As for your services,  they were unbelievable and as always you accommodate and answer questions right on the spot.  We appreciate you so much and would highly recommend you to family and friends.

Reach out to me for a free consultation!!  Let’s create the gratitude for you.


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