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Going to Disney with the 5 and under crowd

Are you planning a trip to Disney with the 5 and under crowd?  Let’s talk about some tips to make it great!!  Let’s work on that planning at Disney!

Going to Disney with the 5 and under crowd has special tips and tricks to do.

Most everyone is going to have an opinion on if your child is too young or not to go.

My best advice is YOU KNOW YOUR CHILD BEST.

HOW YOUNG IS TOO YOUNG? The younger they are the shorter time they will remember the trip. YOU WILL NEVER FORGET- the first time your child sees Mickey, a princess or goes on a ride.  TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES AND EVEN SOME VIDEOS!!

THE SUGGESTIONS and guidance I give is to help you avoid or limit the number of meltdowns in the park.  I want you to have a great time while you are in Disney!  Meltdowns can really ruin a day or a moment.

FLEXIBILITY on when to go is a BIG plus.  This means going during the “slower” times for a visit.  This means better rates, less crowds, less wait times, better availabilities for dining reservations.

FLEXIBILITY is very important in the parks. Be prepared for what will come your way.  Keep your My Disney Experience handy to check for wait times.

STAYING ON SITE is something I HIGHLY recommend with children of this age.  It makes it so much easier to get back to resort if needed, to rest/nap or have some down time in the afternoon.

PREFERRED ROOMS are worth spending the extra money as it gets you closer to the main building and buses/monorails to the parks.

BRING A STROLLER OR RENT ONE!!  You can rent one in the park each day or you can also rent from off-site companies for the duration of your trip and have it delivered directly to your Disney resort or off-site hotel.  This is a good idea as this means you have a stroller from room in the morning until you return each night.  You can also bring your own from home.

CHARACTERS- These are great fun!  BEWARE that your children may not want to meet any of the characters, even Mickey.  PLEASE do not push or force them to do this.  Their are LOTS of characters for your children to see at Disney.

RIDES and attractions have limitations.  Know before you go about the height requirements or physical limitations of a ride.  They are listed on the park maps, at the ride/attraction, in the ride description in the My Disney Experience App.

RIDER SWITCH- This is an amazing service that Disney provides that benefits families that travel with children of different ages, heights, and ride preferences. I recommend using this great tool!!

REST TIME- Rest time can mean going back to the resort/hotel for a nap, time by the pool or just quiet time.  It can mean finding a quiet place to relax in the parks or going on a longer indoor ride/attraction where you sit down and relax. A table service lunch with A/C, can also be a sit-down away from all the stimuli of being in the park

I hope that this information has helped you to decide when you want to take your child/children to Disney.  Also, how to plan a successful trip to Disney.

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